Underbelly Dance


Since studying and performing belly dance since 2008, we’ve also been producing belly dance and burlesque shows around London since 2012, calling on the hugely talented and diverse dance community across London to showcase the many varied and beautiful forms of folkloric, ethnic, tribal and spiritual dance that evolves from the common root of Middle Eastern dance, into its modern, global and recogniable permutations of Flamenco, Hip Hop and Bollywood.


The many videos and photos below include out delectable Machashafeh hosting Underbelly as part of the Ala-Turka YAZ Festival at Arcola Theatre. The backstage joy was palpable!


Dancers and performers include Ter’ziMoirai, part of the FireWater Collective, a dynamic group of dancers committed to maintaining the integrity of American Tribal Style® belly dance, whilst celebrating the fun and creativity it inspires. Created by troupe directors Philippa of Moirai Tribal and Charlotte of Ter’zím, two FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studios who have joined forces in true Tribal form to teach and perform ATS® around the UK and Europe. With extensive movement backgrounds and a love for dance; collectively they are Ter’zíMoirai and you can watch them perform here.


With them, comes the lovely Apsara, a dedicated group of advanced students who perform American Tribal Style® belly dance under the direction of Philippa Moirai. Although the troupe has changed over the years, its Tribal spirit and camaraderie has always remained the same. To date they have danced at showcases and cabaret nights around London; they are frequent performers at FireWater (London’s exclusively Tribal belly dance night) and the Tribal Tea Party. A lovely group of dancers and friends, Apsara is truly a pleasure to watch!  See their performance from Saturday 18th July on youtube here!


Then there was London based Darkstar, a new generation of dark fusion belly dancer, blending her skills in hip hop and popping with a theatrical twist. She loves to use robotic, tutting and fluid stylisation’s to create dynamic , engaging routines. Renowned for her creative choreography and musicality, she often creates Theatrical and emotionally charged routines to showcase the creative side of her dance. She has performed all over Europe and the USA and teaches regular weekly classes at Pineapple Dance Studios. Visit her on the dark side of belly dance.


The One Dance is a collective of South London dancers and associates who dance under a moon that shines all the way from Luxor over Brixton. Tradition, reflection, self-expression mix in their practice and performance, based on folk and trance dances from Egypt. Swords, veils, sticks and dervish whirling. A heady mix! See Eva perform Shwaya Shwaya, Saidi Duet and Whirling Wizzard’s Whirl of Fire. Watch her amazing performance from Saturday 19th July on youtube right here!


Juliana Brustik a leading teacher and performer of Raqs Sharqi dance the traditional classical and folkloric styles of Egyptian dance. She has been teaching and performing for over 20 years in the UK and abroad. Over the years she has directed many dance shows and created numerous choreographies for a variety of performance groups. She regularly works with leading musicians in performance and workshops and more information here. With her, she brings East London Egyptian Folk dance troupe,  whose dance piece is inspired by the Egyptian Ghawazee dancers.


Hannah Mi is a London based dancer and instructress. She has a wealth of eclectic dance experience ranging from extensive touring with live musicians (Don Kipper, Oojami and Dajjah), collaborations with modern dancers (Jacky Lansley Company) and has shared stages with acrobats, poets and old movies while dancing for the independent arts scene in London (The Secret Cinema, The Autumn Shift, Shunt). She has completed extensive theory and physical training in Middle Eastern Belly dance of many styles, Mystical Dance, Classical Indian Dance (Oddissi), Middle Eastern Music Comprehension and Yoga. Her most influential teachers and guides are Mishaal of the Devadasi Studio in Tokyo/Bali and Colleena Shakti of the Shakti school of dance in Rajhastan. With ATS dancers ‘Moirai’, Hannah co-creates FireWater, a co-operative of Tribal belly dance teachers working together to provide the community with performance opportunity, nights full of beauty and advanced learning. Hannah performs and teaches Tribal blended with Sacred Earth belly dance;a dance with respect for nature and the elements, woman’s innate knowledge, the language of archetypes and spiritual depth. Watch her tease us with her Turkish Roman dancing here and photos below.


Sabrynah first began dancing to bollywood after watching her first bollywood movie aged 7. Eventually she progressed from bedroom dancing to performing at family weddings. Since discovering belly dance and dedicating over 10 years to mastering this artform, Sabrynah has found her way back to Bollywood and teaches both belly dance and Bollywood in the UK. Her Bollywood performances truly capture the magic and glamour of Bollywood – just as it is in the movies.


Lastly, our host Machashafeh combines and fuses several styles depending on music (and mood!) including traditional Turkish belly dance, Tribal Fusion, Spanish and Flamenco influences.